Data Aggregation Like You’ve Never Experienced Before

Go from source to table in 5 minutes flat.

Conversionomics is an efficient data aggregation tool that offers a simple User Interface that makes it easy to quickly build data API sources. From those sources, you’ll be able to create impressive and interactive dashboards and reports using our templates or your favorite data visualization tools.

All Your Sources, Together At Last

Increase the rate your analysts find trends and deliver insights with all your data visualized in one convenient dashboard. We work well with Google Analytics, Search Console, Sheets, AdWords, BigQuery, Facebook, Bing, Email, or your own sources.

Append or Overwrite

 Adjust your data append to cover your conversion window (e.g. append a trailing 28-days of Facebook data or do a full reload).

Backfill Missing Data

Have a conversion tracking outage? Estimate daily conversions via CSV and combine with a live data source for ongoing updates.

CSV Clean Up

Sidestep pesky headers in CSVs by setting the number of rows to skip in the header or footer.

Preview Your Data

Quickly filter and validate data in preview mode when connecting a new source and in query steps.

Email Scheduling

Set-up a daily export from any platform, Conversionomics will auto-ingest a CSV or Excel spreadsheet attachment.

Anomaly Detection

Be alerted by email when metrics drop below a certain threshold, there is an outage, or there is a spike in the data.

Together, We Are Better.

Whether your team is into data-driven marketing, data analytics, or an IT-Engineering, we’re sure to have a solution to help you. Let’s talk more about how our data aggregation software builds upon your team’s work.

And be sure to check out some of our other solutions, including dashboards and reports, data destinations including Google BigQuery, Google Sheets, and other forms of support we offer our customers.