Conversionomics Connects To A Variety of Popular Data Destinations

Safe and Secure Transfers To Your Favorite Destinations. 

Choose Your Data Destination

At Conversionomics, we believe that variety is the spice of life. For that reason, we offer those in data analytics an effective way to move data to the destination of their choice.

Google Cloud BigQuery

Fully managed and service, Google’s practical data warehouse allows users to scale their analysis over petabytes of data.

Microsoft Power BI

A simple interface allows users to create interactive dashboards and visualizations that build business intelligence.

Google Data Studio

Google’s dashboard and reporting tool is fully customizable to help analysts create impressive and informative visualizations.

External Warehouse

Ship your data to the external data warehouse of your choosing without the hassle of other platforms.

Google Sheets

Send your data to a live Google Sheet with a straightforward setup directly from the sheet’s settings menu.

But, wait! There’s More!

Didn’t see a particular data destination? Feel free to reach out and inquire about different destinations and Conversionomics relationships with them.

Don’t forget to explore other aspects of Conversionomics data solutions, including how we help with aggregation, and dashboards & marketing reports. All of which we offer support to our users.