Data Insights From Your Favorite Reporting and Visualization Apps

We’re data nerds at heart and creatives in spirit. Data is more our thing, and we know that. Many other data management platforms charge you for their surface-level visualization components bundled with their software; we think that’s  dumb. So we give you the portability to export data into your visualization platform of choice.

Travel & Tourism Recovery Trends Dashboard

Our Travel & Tourism Recovery Trends Dashboard  grants insights into search demand across several top U.S. DMAs for destinations like The Bahamas, Miami, Orlando, Los Angeles, and New York. It provides search demand for travel as a whole, but also specific travel types – air, hotel, cruises, and tourist attractions.

We created separate Google Cloud Functions to fetch Google Trends data via an API for each travel destination, as well as another Cloud Function for COVID-19 case data from The New York Times’ GitHub repository.

Each of these cloud functions is subscribed to the same Cloud Pub/Sub topic, so when a message is sent, they all execute simultaneously. These messages are sent daily using Cloud Scheduler.

Each Cloud Function pushes data into a separate data source within Conversionomics, which aggregates the data sources from the Cloud Functions along with Google Analytics into a single query and exports to Google’s BigQuery. 

Try Our Template 

Let’s see how we improve your data visualization. Our Google Analytics Site Performance Dashboard Template can help display metrics such as your (or your client’s) website performance based on the set marketing objectives. 

The result is delivering top-line metrics like Sessions and Revenue, overall trends by Channel and Device, and drills down into your Top Pages and eCommerce.

But don’t feel limited! Download the template and make it your own! Our clients have come from different industries with their own needs, all of which have successfully displayed their data using our template.