Transform Your Data Sources


It’s your data and you can do what you want with it – really. Conversionomics writes complex SQL for you to combine source data, lookups, and table relationships. Use preset Joins and common SQL or write your own SQL to customize your query and automate any action you could possibly want.


Quickly label like dimensions and values such as Mobile, Smartphone, iPhone, Android all as “Mobile”


Align “like metrics” with different naming conventions from disparate platforms, eg. Spend, Media Cost, Cost


Leverage the UI to Join on a common key, with quick and easy Left, Right, Inner, or Outer joins


Have a crazy fiscal calendar? Create a set calendar to sync all dates across all your reporting

Shared Lookups

Leverage Shared Lookups, Sources and Calendars across multiple Projects for scaled management

Bulk Operations

Use bulk operations to add multiple sources, labels, and more across multiple Projects