Get The Most Out of Your Google Ads Data with Conversionomics

Bring your Google Ads data together with your other sources, accounts, and campaigns with Conversionomics. Our data aggregation and automation platform allow marketing and analytics teams to increase business intelligence by creating a centralized dashboard for teams to view and analyze.

Your Google Ads Performance Data All In One Place

Working seamlessly with visualization tools such as Google Data Studio and Tableau, analysts can use our Google Ads data connector to present an impressive display of performance data. 

From there, teams can measure clicks and cross-reference performance with other data sources to deliver tangible results for your client or organization. And over time, teams will learn to leverage Conversionomics data integrations to maximize ROI. 

Automate Your Updates with Conversionomics Google Ads API Connector

Conversionomics connects to the Google Ads API without interruption, allowing updates to happen automatically. With the new data, teams can conduct analysis on their Google Ads performance in real-time. And with more time to spend exploring trends, the more valuable the insights they will deliver.

More Than Just Google Ads Integration

Conversionomics has a plethora of integrations with data connectors to explore. See which products we work with and how our platform works in our video series, In-Action. Or schedule a free live demonstration with our experts simply, Contact Us.