Google Analytics Data Connector to Integrate with Your Other Sources

Conversionomics integrates seamlessly with Google Analytics, allowing users to connect other data sources into a consolidated base easily. And through the power of data aggregation and automation opens the door to valuable insights.

Visualize Your Google Analytics Performance

As one of the most-used marketing analytics tools on the market today, Google Analytics is a must-have data connector for those reporting on marketing analytics. The service allows users to track and analyze website traffic, including lead generation, conversions, and sales.

Conversionomics helps marketing and analytics teams store and display these metrics and other data sources to create queries that power interactive dashboards and reports. These reports will automatically check for updates and refresh the visualizations with the most recent data. 

As a solution, Conversionomics works with Google Analytics API to create a single view on a dashboard that updates in real-time—allowing for faster insights and results. Users can even alter the dimensions of their dashboards and narrow in on even the most specific dates and metrics. 

The Time To Analyze The Future

What Conversionomics works to give our users is an innovative data aggregation and automation experience and time. Time to let analysts do what they are supposed to do, analyze. 

If teams are spending hours upon hours creating reports or client dashboards, they have less time to analyze trends, which leads to less valuable insights and less innovation.

Connect with Conversionomics

Conversionomics can connect Google Analytics to some of the most popular visualization tools, including Google Data Studio, PowerBI, and Tableau. See how we can help your business by scheduling a free demonstration with our experts. 

Until then, check out all the other data integrations we connect with and how we can help transform your data and deliver incredible insights with our In-Action video series. And if you have any further questions, feel free to Contact Us.