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Connect to your favorite data sources

Conversionomics offers many pre-built integrations to not only bring your data into the platform but ship it out, as well. If you need custom integration with a tool you don’t see here, let us know!

Conversionomics makes it easy to pull data from multiple sources for analysis with features such as load scheduling and automatic schema detection. 

When new data is loaded, Conversionomics checks for data integrity errors and provides you with clear diagnostics and status reports. It also allows you to quickly preview the data or download it for further inspection. Its built-in logic detects missing data or schema changes, and prevents common issues such as data-sampling, for example. These checkpoints allow you to work independently while minimizing the risk of human or system errors.

Once you’ve automated your data feeds, you can combine it and query it with data from other sources to get true business insights.

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