Enhanced IT-Engineering

Leverage the power of BiqQuery with the usability of Conversionomics.

Save time
writing SQL

Conversionomics lets you collaborate on complex data processing without making manual changes in the SQL or tables by harnessing the processing power of Google’s BigQuery cloud infrastructure.

You can clean, align, integrate, and transform data by adding calculated fields, SQL expressions, ReGex lookups, and dynamic labels, or modify it with fiscal calendar and filters. Conversionomics saves you the time (and headache) it would cost to manage all that in freeform SQL.

Join at the hip – or wherever you need

Avoid writing involved concat statements in SQL by using the Conversionomics’ Join feature to combine data from all your sources. 

Label using ReGex

Our platform allows you to cleanly organize various data metrics from hundreds of campaigns across multiple platforms into simple to visualize data worthy of a report.

Powerful Data Manipulation and Custom Alerts

Automate the entire process of connecting to sources, importing, and integrating datasets TBs in size, freeing yourself to customize how you approach the data by modifying datasets with lookup tables, loading incremental datasets, or adjusting queries with custom SQL expressions.

And when you’re dealing with a lot of data coming from different sources, things often break. So, our platform runs a data integrity check to prevent bad data from coming in. We also provide diagnostic tools, alerts, and easy ways to preview or download your data so you can check for inconsistencies and ensure data integrity.