Combine all your data sources. 

Ingest and combine disparate datasets from your online and offline sources to quickly create an integrated view. And don’t worry –  you own your data the whole time.

Scaleable With Your Business

Streamline agency processes and learnings between Analysts. Your whole team can share look-up tables based on campaign taxonomy across every project, saving setup and query time.

As you get new clients, the amount of data you handle will grow faster than the size of your data team will. Ever your biggest advocate, Conversionomics makes it easy to add new projects and user logins at no additional cost. 

Equip marketers like developers

Conversionomics’s Query Builder is a powerful data querying engine built on top of Google’s BigQuery. Query Builder enables analysts to design large and sophisticated data tables with diverse data without having to write in freeform SQL. 

But for those who love freeform SQL, Conversionomics has built-in flexibility and customization options to modify datasets with custom SQL expressions that clean, align, integrate, and transform data exactly how you want it. Query Builder also offers helpful hints for writing custom SQL queries, empowering any analyst with the exact tools they need to modify their data.  

Leverage Data Studio For Secure Client-Facing Dashboards

Export query results directly into Google’s Data Studio for visualization and dashboarding while preserving the depth of the analysis. Data Studio’s interactivity and filtering options for dashboards makes a world of difference for your analysts and clients.