Microsoft Power BI

The best data-driven results start with excellent visualizations. By leveraging BigQuery, Conversionomics can connect with platforms like PowerBI to boost data analytics, marketing, and advertising teams see trends and deliver insights that lead to innovation. 

Your Data Visualization Platform of Choice

Conversionomics connects with some of the most popular data visualization tools on the market, including Google Data Studio and Tableau. But, if Microsoft PowerBI is your weapon of choice, you’re sure to love our data aggregation and automation tool. 

Visualizations are Only as Good as
the Data They Pull

Pulling data from various sources to create visuals for clients or otherwise can take an unnecessary amount of analyst’s time. Ultimately taking resources away from studying trends and developing insights, slowing progress. 

Conversionomics allows users to aggregate and auto their data sources through a user-friendly interface and upload process, storing it in Google BigQuery or another data warehouse, available for use.

The Result of Conversionomics and PowerBI

What do you get when you mix Conversionomics with Microsoft PowerBI? An impressive, interactive, and intuitive dashboard that displays precisely the data you need it to. 

Let’s Visualize the Future

Before we meet, take some time to browse our collection of video demonstrations and see Conversionomics In-Action or see some of the other destinations we connect to as well.