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Conversionomics Features

Data Aggregation & Automation Technology

You need Daat.

Save time

Data preparation is the most time-consuming and least enjoyable part of data analysis. Yet analysts are still doing most of it manually. Our survey found that over 50% of analysts use data preparation tools just for basic tasks such as pulling data from various sources and sharing the results. Only about a third use data automation tools to further pivot, merge, or query their data. These findings suggest that every time analysts update their sophisticated models and queries, they have to repeat the same manual, time-consuming data prep operations.

With automated processing, analysts have more time to explore, experiment, and get creative with their queries, which leads to more valuable insights

Level up

We believe that the minute you stop asking, “Why?” you’re dead in the water. Conversionomics lets you take your curiosity to the next level. With automated processing, the ability to integrate custom SQL, and the ease of use in building API sources, analysts have more time to explore, experiment, and get creative with their queries, which leads to more valuable insights.  

Level up with automation technology that is built for new age data analysts: the intrepid explorers who want to work creatively and independently with data, and who expect their self-service tools to be smart enough to act as safeguards and advisers when it comes to data integrity.

Pull from any source

It’s easy to pull data from multiple sources for analysis with features like load scheduling and automatic schema detection. 

When new data is loaded, Conversionomics checks for data integrity errors and provides you with clear diagnostics and load status. It also allows you to quickly preview the data or download it for further inspection. Its built-in logic detects missing data or schema changes, and prevents common issues such as data-sampling, for example. These checkpoints allow you to work independently while minimizing the risk of human or system errors. 

Once you’ve automated your data feeds, you can combine and query them with data from other sources to get true business insights.

Who’s Daat for?

Conversionomics believes in equipping agencies and data professionals with data technology that’s as powerful as they are. Think you want Daat? Learn more about use cases. 

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