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Conversionomics Features

Own Your Data

You need Daat.

Own your BigQuery instance

Conversionomics was built on the principle that you own your own data, have the freedom to input, manipulate and export as you see fit.  Leveraging Google security standards, create a new Google Cloud/BigQuery project or leverage your current instance.  From there, it’s your dataset, under your account which can be taken with you if you were to break-up with Conversionomics.  (Don’t worry, we don’t get half in the divorce.)

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Keep your data close and secure

Conversionomics leverages security and privacy standards from both BigQuery and the Google Cloud Platform, so you never have to worry about the technical details around storing and securing your data.



Conversionomics’ overlay with BigQuery storage is flexible and friendly to all data sources and destinations, making it easy for eager analysts who want to do something “extra” in how data is exported and presented. Letting your analysts control what tools they use for ad hoc analysis or visualization empowers them to work faster and to come up with innovative ideas and solutions.

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For additional details, please visit the BigQuery Pricing page.

Due to free processing thresholds (below 1TB) with BigQuery, a project or “client” usually averages at $0 – $3 per month for data storage at rest and processing fees.  Depending on the scale of the project or dataset, we’re happy to provide a more detailed estimate.


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