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The ultimate GMP integration.

Leverage Conversionomics as the hub for your Google marketing stack.

If you run Google Analytics for the majority of your clients, Conversionomics will help mitigate Google Analytics’ sampled data. If you are pulling a large timeframe, we’ll break it into smaller chunks to work around sampled data.  Conversionomics connects to APIs from Google Analytics, Google Ads, Google Campaign Manager, Search Ads 360, Multi-Channel Funnel, Google Sheets, Google BigQuery and more to fetch data at a daily granularity, resulting in the most accurate results available. 

Conversionomics is a user-friendly, GUI-based BigQuery SQL writing technology that easily combines and automates all your Google data sources – along with other platforms you use in your marketing ecosystem.

With prepped data stored in BigQuery, you are one step closer to Google Cloud ML services.

Easily Connect to Data Studio

After importing, querying, and automating your data, you can export to BigQuery to use Data Studio’s simple (and free) visualizations and reporting.

Lean on Google-Sanctioned Security

Because Conversionomics leverages Google login, Google authentication, and Secret Manager, it is truly your gateway to securely connecting new Google sources, accounts, and users.

Quickly combine disparate Google sources

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