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Data to Dashboard <br />
in 5 Minutes

Data to Dashboard
in 5 Minutes

The smart way to prepare your cloud data for analysis and visualization.

Create Automated Datasets for Reporting and Analysis

Conversionomics can automate and accelerate your data preparation cycle, even if it means combining thousands of sources, dimensions, and metrics, adding labels and transformating…and having it done by the morning.

Analyze All Your Data, Exactly As You Want It

Analyze All Your Data, Exactly As You Want It

Conversionomics provides marketing analysts with an easy and fast way to connect to multiple data sources and build unified datasets ready for analysis and visualization. The tool’s powerful automation and customization features improve reporting accuracy and efficiency and make visualization and dashboarding a breeze. At the same time, it enables marketing analysts to experiment with the data and reach new levels of insight and creativity.

Data Integration Made Easy

Whether you use APIs, automated emails, or drag-and-drop file imports, Conversionomics can take in marketing data from just about any source. We are always adding new APIs, so if a connection to one of your sources is not available, we will build it for you!

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