Google’s data visualization tool, Data Studio, is an excellent choice for those looking to take the dashboard and reporting game to the next level. Together with Conversionomics and our leveraging of Google BigQuery, we’re able to seamlessly integrate into Data Studio and create impressive and interactive visualizations that are sure to impress.

Create Inspiring,
Data-Driven Visuals with Data Studio

Want to deliver your next internal or client report with confidence? Data studio offers users a customizable dashboarding experience that is unique to other visualization tools out there.

Efficiently build the story you want to tell with the KPI’s that matter to your mission. Then add creative and interactive elements that grab your audience’s attention and communicate the data’s narrative on a macro and micro level.

Business Intelligence Starts with Conversionomics

Too often, advertising and marketing teams spend more time than they should on pulling data from various sources and building reports and visualizations, taking time and resources away from data analytics. 

With Conversionomics, users can aggregate and automate their data, storing it away in Google’s data warehouse BigQuery, allowing easy updates that display data trends and deliver valuable insights.