In-House Analytics 

Optimize Efficiency of Your In-House Data Analytics with Conversionomics. 

Having an in-house data analytics team offers many benefits, including flexibility, security, and self-reliance . But, as with most good things, the cost of time, money, and company resources can make the process seem easier if outsourced. 

The Center of The Data Universe

As a data analyst, there is a constant flow of data from various sources to keep track of to get the best results. And without the proper tools, finding a way to create a natural move from data to visualization and insights can be unclear.

Visualize The Future

Now centralized, your team will create interactive visualizations of KPIs using our provided template or one of their favorites. These dashboards can update automatically or be altered by uploading new data into the Conversionomics sources and queries.

Improved Business Data Analytics

In-house data analytics aren’t the only teams Conversionomics can help. With some assistance from our friends at Net Conversion, our platform has aided marketing analysts and IT /Engineering departments for more than a decade. That’s more than ten years of research and development with hands-on use from our in-house analysts and those of our clients. 

Let’s Crunch Some Numbers

Want to find out more about how Conversionomics can help you start your in-house data analytics team or improve your current performance? Schedule a demonstration with us, and we can work through the logistics. We look forward to speaking with you!