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The prequel to the SQL

If you guarantee your clients a Monday morning dashboard delivery when reporting on a Sunday – Saturday calendar, Sunday often becomes another workday. Founder Ryan Fitzgerald would continually spend 6+ hours every Sunday combing Advanced Segment by Advanced Segment, pulling in media and Google Analytics website data by relevant time ranges to populate the dashboard, and writing headlines to have the deliverable to the client each Monday morning. He knew there had to be a better way.  

Conversionomics was birthed from the desire to get more out of Google Analytics. Our analysts already knew how to do the really hard, valuable analyses, but needed a true apples to apples comparison of data between web and paid media without having to drown in data prep to get it.

The problem was that pulling data from each platform was actually terrible in every possible way. When we looked at monthly, or even weekly data, from GA – it was sampled. We wanted the most accurate data we could get.

So we needed daily data. But pulling daily data was extremely time consuming. Enter: automation. We built Conversionomics to automatically pull daily data from any source we needed, which gave our analysts more time for what matters: questioning the data and generating insights. We love Daat.

14+ years of training montages

When we first created Conversionomics, there weren’t any tools that could fit our needs.  Many tools have launched since then, and trust us, we’ve tried most of them. But none have the right combination of features, data capacity, and speed that we have grown to love and rely on in Conversionomics.

Conversionomics clients benefit from more than a decade of R&D from Net Conversion; we put in the money for our own business, plus a whole lot of blood, sweat, tears, and optimization, and we can pass along those savings to you. Daat’s cool.

That also means that the analysts giving you support are subject matter experts. As our heaviest users, they’ve helped shape what Conversionomics is today and are continuously providing feedback for ways we can improve.

If you’re still using spreadsheets or searching for Data Aggregation and Automation Technology that fits your needs, then you need Daat.

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